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IT Healthcare Support

Mission1st encourages problem solving and innovation. Our leadership recognizes innovative solution proposals that benefit our Customers by rewarding employees and funding development of our warzone and health IT experience. M1 identified an opportunity to improve existing technology for battlefield triage.

M1 produced an improved non-absorbable, expandable, hemostatic sponge delivery system. Current models of this sponge delivery system are effective at clogging the wound through the application of pressure from sponge expansion. Our team proposed innovation to the existing technology aims to improve upon this product by adding a coagulant to the syringe (not the sponges).

M1 proudly shares that we are currently funding an effort to develop the improved battlefield treatment technology, and are working with a medical device company based in Tampa, Florida to bring this solution to our nation's warfighters through the Defense Health Administration (DHA).

M1 is continually striving to deliver innovative solutions that provide benefits to our customer.